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TEDxUCincinnati’s Discovering Leadership Program is designed to help ambitious first-years pursue their passions on campus. This year-long leadership development program exists to develop leaders through programming and mentorship with a member of the TEDxUCincinnati executive board. DLP members receive unique opportunities as part of their training – including the chance to work on the TEDxUCincinnati main event in the spring semester!

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Why DLP?

I wanted to join a group that offered me the opportunity to bond with a unique set of UC freshman & allowed for growth in leadership skills throughout the year.”

“I really wanted to get involved with TEDxUCincinnati and I liked the idea of having a mentoring program that would help me achieve some of my goals with a new group of people that knew what they were doing.”

“I joined DLP in order to explore outside my shell of comfort and to become an influential leader on campus.”

What did you get out of DLP? How has it helped you in your college career?

“DLP has allowed me to expand my range of thinking. Through various group activities & critical discussions, I’ve become more comfortable with being uncomfortable. DLP has taught me to reach out & become more of a risk taker in order to develop in new ways. I feel I have gained a MUCH larger, complex, & interesting pool of information to draw from in regards to the people, research, mentors, professors, & students that UC has to offer me.”

“There were a lot of activities that I really enjoyed such as ones related to teamwork and mock interviews and even just helping out at the main stage event.”

“DLP was an eye-opening program that put me into certain scenarios where I learned more about the way I think. Understanding myself and realizing my strengths enabled me to acquire many new experiences in college such as establishing a new organization and assuming leadership positions in various extracurriculars.”

What is your favorite DLP memory?

“I hold many fond memories of DLP! One of the most engaging & exciting experiences was working with TEDxUCincinnati to host their annual TED Talks event in Cincinnati & getting to chaperone the speakers. Other fond memories include COP’s end-of-the-year mini TED Talk gathering, & our infamous “red/green” activity that led to hours of critical thinking, negotiation, & conflict resolution. DLP & TEDxUCincinnati are wonderful organizations that I truly hope to stay involved with throughout my college career!”

“My favorite memory is probably being backstage during gen main event and seeing all of these amazing speakers before and after the speech. It was really cool to see all of the work that TEDxUCincinnati put into the event come to life and I loved talking to the speaker I was a liaison for.”

“My favorite DLP memory was undoubtedly the time I and the other DLP members spent the entire day together as liaisons for the speakers at the Outliers event. It was amazing to listen to each speaker about why they chose the topic they talked about on stage. Each speaker had something meaningful to say, as each topic was very relatable.”

Contact our DLP Directors, Casey Swoboda, Sachika Singh, and Josh Cramer at with any questions!